August 2, 2008

Tu me niaises ou quoi???

You know what snaps you out of funk? A child that surprises you everyday, a.k.a. my son. I knew he snuck to his sister's room when they were both supposed to take a nap. Those days are disappearing quickly to my dismay. Anyway, after a few hours I hear laughing and talking. I yell from downstairs that I can hear them. They both get out and holy crappola this is what I saw.


Really??? Again???? I think my son thought that I was going snap! I kept saying O.M.G over and over again. Hubby hears me and says "What? WHAT???!!!!" Off to the bathtub for him and time out chair for her. She said that he drew on himself but tell me, how can he have drawn this...


and this on him?

See how nice his belly button is and the circular shape that looks like a sun? He can't even draw but just makes lines! And in the middle of his back and on his nape???

She sat down on the time out chair with a big smile! That little...ahem...vixen. My baby was covered in color but thought it was funny. In a few years I will probably miss those misdeeds of them but for now...please be careful on the carpet child!

A bientot!


Lydie said...

Hihihihi.. Come on you don't find that funny Nancy? This is hilarious.. Thanks for the laugh...ahahahah

Deb said...

Okay, these are the best pictures ever. I have had this happen a few times but with rubber stamps all over their bodies. That was a fun time scrubbing and crying and scrubbing and crying. You've gotta laugh though. Whenever it gets too quiet, you know they are up to something.


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