September 30, 2008

Au secours!

My computer crashed and we're in the process of fixing it. I am using my husband's work laptop to check my emails and surf the web. soupir. Nothing last long these days. Our computer is only 5 years old and it's been acting like a 20 year old computer. sniff sniff. I'm not a techie person (rarely use cell phone, no Ipod or mp3 player, etc) but my computer is the only toy I do like and use. Please pray for my sanity. LeeAnn, your gift card will be mailed out to you tomorrow. Please pray for me while you are sipping your Pumpkin Spice Latte. *smile pitifully* See? No smileys...sniff sniff.

A bientot...j'espere!


LeeAnn said...

Oh no, no computer!!! What to do?????
I will definitely be praying...
Thanks for the giftcard! I was telling my husband how nice and generous people can be!! Thank you so much.

Self Confessed Lamp Tramp said...

Sad farewell to the laptop. Nothing is made to last more then 1 or 2 years, how else would companies stay in business these days!
Thanks for visiting me!

Domestic Goddess..Diva sometimes said...

LeeAnn, your gift card is in the mail as we speak. Please enjoy a nice cup of coffee & treat on me. ;)

Self confessed lamp tramp, I know nothing last forever but my innocent computer?? First my boobs, then my hips and butt and now my computer???!!! I'de take an extra pound for my computer. ;)


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