September 9, 2008

Enseigner un enfant a lire.

School has arrived and I'm sure some of your children will learn how to read soon. I have always loved books as a child and hoped my children would too. As luck with have it, they do. If you have a child that loves to look at books or have you read to them, you should start them on reading their own books. I started to teach my daughter how to read when she was almost 4 1/2. She would point to a word and ask what it meant when we read together. That was my cue to teach her how to read. I got her Leapfrog Letter Factory so that she can learn the sounds the letters made. When she knew all the sounds (took less than a week. Ahh to have a fresh young mind!) then I wanted to get her books. But which one?

I stopped at my local Barnes and Noble and searched for beginner books. I asked an employee at the kids section and explain that my daughter knew some words like no, yes and knew her alphabets and the sounds the letters make. The lady showed me two book collections that teachers reading like "Bob Books & Now I'm Reading. Each of these boxes comes with a series of booklets. And there's different levels of these boxes; from beginners to advanced. I went with Bob Books since they seem more reading oriented than the Now I'm reading with stickers and such.


At home, I showed her the books I got for her. She was very excited to have her very own "reading" books. The first book was easy. Mat. Sam. Mat sat.Sam sat. You get the idea. We only have 4 of the 5 boxes since she's been reading regular small books for about 2 months now. She's been reading Words like extinct, persuasive and expressive. I'm shocked and proud. She now wants to read all the books that I read to her at night. So here are my suggestions in getting your child ready to read.

1. When your child knows the sounds of each letter of the alphabet makes,start them with small words. Words are everywhere! On signs, on store doors and even streets signs!

2. Get them started on learning books that is age appropriate. I would recommend Bob Books since they are fun and the imagines look like a child made them. Seems more child friendly.

3. Read, read and read! Together and alone. I would let her read one of her Bob Books (or 2 or 3 as she got older) and I would then read to her a harder book to her (like Cinderella or a fable). You should read to your child anywhere and anytime. Hubby would read the newspaper to her when she was 2. She didn't understand a word of it but liked sitting on daddy's lap and listen to how to market was doing.

4. Praise your child when they finish reading. Tell them how proud you are and that they can now read like a big kid.

Sooner or later, your child will read on their own. I sometimes peak inside my daughter's room if there's no noise (usually a bad sign when kids are quiet) and see her reading on the floor on her belly, or reading on the sofa in the playroom or even in the bathroom. She also gives me letters that she has written for me. I guess this is my cue now in teaching her
vocabulary and spelling. So my point is to make reading fun and not achore. Reading is much better than watching tv or playing video games.Their minds get active instead of mush. So tonight, go and read to your child. Not only are you helping them for the future but creating moments they will forever remember.

A bientot!


Deb said...

We love Bob Books. My daughter reads a couple every other night, and then I read her the harder books on the opposite days. It has really helped her become confident in her reading and she is starting to become more proficient at identifying more common words in books. We will often sit in church and find the common words she knows in the passages.

Anessa said...

That is so great that she is such a reader. Our Joel isn't one (I don't know why, we are big readers) and it is a chore. He loves the idea of books and reading, but when it comes down to it, he would rather be read to or watch it in moview form. :(


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