October 28, 2008

Faut voir!!

My daughter this year asked for our house to look spooky and scary for Halloween. I don't do horror. Ask anyone. I don't watch horror movies, any violent movies, nada! I feel nervous and sick inside. I just get a bad feeling so I avoid those gory stuff. My daughter doesn't understand spooky and scary but I tried to make it scary for a 5 year old with skeletons, bats, rats, etc. Nothing fancy.
Now if you want to see a great spooky home, head on over to Adventures in renovating a Brooklyn limestone...It's not bloody nor gory. It's classy and a bit scary (for small kids). They also live in a home that I love! Reminds me of some homes in West Montreal. Be prepared to drool.

A Bientot!


Liz said...

Me too. I dont ever watch zombie movies. No way.

And that is a fantastic blog! Makes me want to move.

Bar-b said...

I love that woman's house. What detail and how fun!!!!!

I too do not fill my head with those thoughts or visions. I have enough with real life.

you did a great job at your own house!!!!!!!


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