October 16, 2008

J'ai le nez bouché!

*Sniff sniff* My head is hurting a bit so I'm sure my sinuses might be messed up. I hate being sick since I know myself and I know I won't stop to rest. The only thing that stopped me doing something else was when I was giving birth. LOL With my daughter I made lunch, grocery shopped then hospital. With my son, laundry, grocery shop, lunch, stopped at a park then hospital. So here I am, up since 4am, stuffed, achey and I still have errands to do and laundry to wash. Sorry for lack of posts. I have one in the back burner. Just need to re size pictures and I'll post it. *Sniff* Ahhh! I hate being malade!


A bientot! Achou!


~Corey said...

Feel better!


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