December 19, 2008

Une belle surprise!

Today at my daughter's kindergarden class, they were going to watch the Polar Express. They were told they could wear their pjs and my daughter was excited. When she came back, she brought also the gift that she bought for her brother at the Gingerbread Shop at school. lol I have no idea if he has green fur or what but that's what she chose for him. Here she is posing with Christopher's gift.

She also handed me a bag which I thought was goodies that she made at school and forgot about them. Nope. It was a gift for me. Now I asked her if she meant for mommy and daddy but nope, it was from my daughter's teacher. I was surprised and once at home, peeked inside. This is what was in the bag.


Now I feel bad. I didn't want her to spend money on me since I'm sure she spends it on the kids with supplies and such. It's a "green" tumbler that also has a voucher for a free beverage. That was so nice of her.

My daughter is on vacation until January. When she'll start school, I'll have her bring a bag full of Kleenex, hand sanitizers and treats for the kids that forget theirs. I want to my part since we are blessed with affording certain things. I have to do my part or it would be selfish of me not to. You know? So for those that could at least get one box of tissue for your child's class, that would help a teacher out. I've seen boys constantly wiping their nose. Now imagine 20 little kids in the morning then another 20 in the afternoon. Yeah, it goes by quickly! Anyway, off my soapbox. Just wanted to show the generosity of others.

Joyeuses Fetes!


Kim@ForeverWherever said...

What a nice teacher!!! She deserves more than an apple!

Becca said...

That was a super nice surprise! And Nancy, you are so must have a lot of good karma coming your way! ;)

Domestic Goddess..Diva sometimes said...

Kim, I know. She'll be getting new items for her class.

Becca, now you're too sweet! I hope she always gets at least one parent that tries to help with supplies. I was shocked that not too many brought even one thing at the beginning of the school year. Times are tough for all or others assumes another person will do it. :(


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