January 8, 2009

The house that wouldn't fall apart.

Having a home on a strong fondation is not always a good thing. Take this one for example. The holidays are over and we ate the people from the Gingerbread House. I ate the old lady and the kids ate the children, dog, fence and some small candies.

So it was time for it to go in the trash. I tried to lift it from the cake stand. No go. Tried to pry it apart. Still no good. What the heck? Man! Those German know how to make strong homes. Just to show you how strong it was, here's a small clip.

What did make it break apart? My mother's old meat mallet (wood side). Then I had to use a wooden spatula to lift the base. Man, that's one stubborn house! lol

A Bientot!


jenjen said...

That is hilarious! I have three of those sitting on a self in my office. They are probably petrified and could be kept for like 100 years.

Love your blog!


tara @ kidz said...

Sturdy little sucker, eh???

jenbusymom said...

That is hilarious, if only our homes were built like that!

Suzanne @ Easy at Home said...

Water... Water is gingerbread house icing's biggest enemy! ;)


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