January 14, 2009

Thank you!

She's ok! The prognostics were bad for her in the beginning. They thought she was going to be paralyzed. She probably had a slipped disc that was putting pressure at her spine. It was either putting her to sleep or doing the surgery but she still may not be able to walk. The operation is very very expensive and there's no guarantee but I had to give my baby a chance. She's too young to die and to die because of a slip? No. I was her voice since Hubby didn't believe she was going to be well since she'll probably need constant care. I was ready to assist her if she does get paralyzed.

Hubby does love me since he went ahead with the surgery. He didn't believe she would be ok since the vet was telling him she wouldn't walk or relieve herself, etc. I was willing to sacrifice anything to keep her alive and not suffering. He did it anyway.

Last night we got a call at 10pm saying the results from their tests weren't conclusive. They thought maybe she got a blood clot in her spine. They wanted to do a cat scan/MRI with a radiologist to see what was going on. The tech wasn't reachable so it had to be done the next day. We slept terribly. At 2:30pm, the vet called Hubby at work. She only has a bruised spine and maybe a clot. No surgery necessary. Just meds and rest. Thanks God! I felt the heaviness from my chest just lift away. Just like that! I cried when he said it was good news. Tomorrow my baby will be coming home. I am so happy, you ladies have no idea!

Thank you all for your well wishes, prayers and blessings. My mom is a devout Catholic and she prayed to her favorite saint for us. My parents are ecstatic that she will be coming home tomorrow. Thank you. Your prayers and thoughts were heard. I am lucky that they got heard. Thank you everyone.


Cindy said...

so happy to hear that!

Bar-b said...

I am so happy to hear about this Nancy!!!!! Sandy is going to be ok. No surgery, no extra expense. Yippie.

Meds and rest...that is what I need ;)

Naturally Jules said...

So glad to hear about Sandy! I know what you mean, our pets are really part of the family!

Danielle said...

Oh Nancy, what a horrible few days for you!! So glad Sandy is going to be alright.


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