February 13, 2009

Valentine Treats. Part II

I'm finally free from my kitchen! Woohoo! I have been in there, baking, melting, shaping, etc, all for my kids classes. My daughter decided at the last minute she wanted marshmallow dipped in chocolate instead of cake. Works for me since it much quicker. I made over 60 of these (for my daughter's class and my son's preschool class). I think they turned out cute. These would also be great for party favors, non?




I'm happy the holiday baking is over. I know, I know. Tomorrow is Valentine Day but hubby and I don't really celebrate it so it's just a regular day for us...with a lot of chocolate binging involved. What? We have to eat it...for the children sake. They like Valentine's Day. hihihi

Chocolate Valentine

A Bientot!


Jodee Leader said...

Those turned out sooo cute! Happy Valentine's Day!


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