April 22, 2009

Baby birds.

A few months ago, I notice tiny Styrofoam pieces in front of my garage. It was on my side only and I thought it was weird. Then I notice blades of yellow grass/weeds at the corner of the garage. ???? I thought maybe it was a bird making a nest but there's not much room at that corner. Then I notice a chickadee going into the crevices of that small spot. AHA! I took out my ladder and looked inside. Argh! The Styrofoam pieces were from our roof insulation. sigh They must of pecked it away to make room for inside. lol

Last week I heard little noises. Baby birds! Awww. I can forgive momma and daddy bird since they thought my home was safe enough to raise life. I tried to peek inside but you can't see much of the nest because it's inside a crevice. Smart birds! Here's a small clip of their chirps... and a crazy driver going too fast on a residential street. Idiot!

A Bentot!



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