April 11, 2009

A little snack.

I do not eat alot of junk food BUT I do love certain non healhty snacks. I LOVE Coke and during Easter, Cadburry Cream Eggs. Man those suckers are sweet but I to love them. In my time, they used to come in 3's in a box. Today, they are smaller and come in 4's. It's ok but one is not enough to satisfy my chocolate craving.

While shopping in my local Asian/Latin/Russian market, I found Coke. Mexican Coke. Ever had it? It's made with sugar. Yes, that white stuff and not the HFCS chemical thing. I have heard about it but never saw them in my local grocery store. And there is was. Beckoning me with it's 80's style Coke glass bottle. So I got one. And how does it taste? Pretty good. It's less sweet but taste pretty good. Too bad they don't have 2 liters of that stuff. I would buy it instead of the regular Coke. Now am I crazy but didn't they change their formula years ago? Or was that Pepsi and only in Canada? Hmmm.

Yup, life is good. It took care of the craving. Mommy is happy.



A Bientot!


Eclectic Pink Rose said...

Just found your blog and love it, so I'm a new follower. Omgosh, we have a local thing here (not coke) but for Dr. Pepper lovers called Dublin Dr. Pepper, same thing, it's made with Imperial Pure Cane Sugar, and it is great!!!! Has a crisper taste to me and I'm totally addicted. lol Enjoyed your blog!
♥ Teresa


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