September 2, 2009

My shameful secret.

Title got you curious huh? Sorry. Nothing sordid just a neglected room.

Melissa at The Inspired Room is also having a giveaway. A $200 gift card to Homegoods giveaway! Whoa! I am in the process of wanting to decorate my bedroom. Wanting is the correct word since $$$ can get in the way of wants. So Melissa, mon amie, no scratch that, ma MEILLEURE amie, please pick me and help me decorate my bedroom. hihihi

Now I can't just ask for it. I will have to show you why I really need it. See, I have this problem with decorating my bedroom. Had this issue with my first home (finally bought curtains 6 years later for my bedroom windows! shesh!) and now with this one. I have been in this house for 27 months, 18 days and a few hours bt who's counting?!. I have decorated my kids bedroom, their bathroom, their playroom, the kitchen, the dining room, the guest bedroom (how SAD is that!) the living room, laundry room and family room.

Why do I always put my bedroom on the back burner? This is the place where I get ready for the day, watch some tv with hubby, do some work, exercise (when my guilty conscience kicks in at full speed) and sleep! Yet, I let it go. Empty. Lost. Lonely. But not this year! Please Melissa have pity on moi! Hubby is also annoyed at the amount of sun that comes in the morning. He is not a morning person, trust me.

Still don't believe me? Well come and see.

Yup. That's it. lol Nothing on the walls, no curtains and cute things.



Oh those lamps? They are ghost lamps that my hubby got from who knows where! When you turn them off at night, you will wake up at 3 am to bright light! Those are touchable lamps so I am assuming a ghost is touching them while we are sleeping. They have been unplugged for almost a year now. lol I need lamps that are not haunted!


I was pregnant with my second child when I bought that conforter. He'll be 4 next month. Yeah. From far away it looks "ok" but come closer and you will see some pen marks that I tried to clean away (from my second angel. HA!) and some areas where it is ripping away from being washed. soupir.



If I win, I will get new bedding pronto! Or curtains for hubby. Or a cute bench were I can sit can comfortable (I'm 5' on a good hair day and my bed is a mountain to me). I just need the extra push to get things going. So what do you say Melissa? Oui?

A Bientot!


Annabelle said...

Your bedroom looks way better than'll see when I post the pictures from the reno. We are painting today. You mean the lamps come on even when they're unplugged? I hope you win!

Pearl Maple said...

Good luck with the competition, sometimes we need a little nudge to think about our space. The fall nesting party has been great fun and seeing what everyone is up to. I added a little maple themed post to the mix.


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