November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving menu.

I saw some bloggers post their Thanksgiving menu on their blog. I was surprised how it's not all the same menu. Some have mac and cheese, some have cranberry relish, ect. They all sound good though!

Here's my menu for my family. My father in law is joining us. It'll be for 3 adults, 2 kids and a furry child that will get some turkey meat. I'm starting to think that I may have too much food for just us. lol

Turkey (11 lbs)
Homemade cranberry sauce (my first time making it
Homemade rolls
Steamed green beans with a pat of butter and sea salt align
Pan roasted brussels sprouts with shallots and pancetta
Mashed potatoes
Sweet potatoes in brown sugar
2 salads (one regular and one mix greens with pear, pecan, cranberries in a maple vinaigrette
Homemade gravy (once turkey is cooked)
Homemade stuffing.
Homemade double layer pumpkin cheesecake
Homemade vanilla ice cream
Store bought apple pie (hey! Give me a break. I'm all alone cooking this feast! lol)

Now I'm wondering if it's too much although I love mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes. Hubby loves cranberries, turkey, mashed potatoes, rolls and my kids love green beans. See the problem? There will be a lot of leftovers at my home for the next few days BUT that means I get a break too. I hope your meals will be delicious but more importantly, enjoy the time spent together with your loved ones.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Annabelle said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family! It doesn't sound like too much and besides think of all the yummy leftovers! It all sounds delicious. :)

Wanda said...

Hmm....that's too much food. I'll be right over! (lol)Great menu!

I do the same and then I don't cook for days. (Almost) the best part!

Have a happy thanksgiving (eh)!

Domestic Goddess..Diva sometimes said...

Leftovers are good. ;)

Wanda - lol. Had to put the eh, huh? ;P

Célia Novais Rosado said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


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