January 5, 2010

Hit the new year running!

Anyone that personally knows me, knows that I don't sit and stay still for too long. I started to get some projects going and making plans for this year. I already have plans for this upcoming Christmas and it includes snow! Lots of it!

I'm currently redoing my master bedroom. Bought the rods and curtains and now looking for some lamps. Bare with me while I decorate my room. There will be before and after pictures. Who doesn't love that?!

I am attending a Galette des Rois party this Saturday and will take photos. My friend Karen is hosting and the woman knows how to party! Lol La Galette des Rois is French tradition. It is a religious holiday (to celebrate the 3 kings that came for Jesus) but it has lost some of it's religious aspect in these modern times. Inside a puff pastry is a fève and whoever gets a slice with it is the King or Queen. Nowadays, people use charms or baby Jesus instead of a bean. This will be my first time celebrating it since my parents never did. I'm sure my kids will love it this traditon.

I'm also planning a valentine party for my kids. Yes it's January but in about a month it will be Valentine day and I don't like last minute things. I'm also thinking what to bring for the classroom for each child and what to make for the teachers. Ah! So many things!

As you can see, I am wasting no time in getting things done. How about you? Have you hit the ground running?

A Bientot!


Wanda said...

....or the ground has hit me! No, not really. I have our Chinese New Year celebration end of Jan and then my oldest daughters birthday to get planning for March.

But first....ummm....I still have yet to take down Christmas. Yes, you read that right! Wanna come over and help? What, no? lol


jenbusymom said...

I'm slowly trying too, although it's more of a jog! Can't wait to see the bedroom look and what a fun tradition to celebrate!

Happy New Year!


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