March 16, 2010

Almost healthy.

This past weekend was chilly and windy in Nor Cal. This week is going to be beautiful though. Sunny and warm. Perfect for gardening. I still have a cold but nothing will stop me from gardening.

Yesterday, my kids asked for a treat and I obliged. A fruit popsicle for my daughter and rocky road ice cream for my son. They decided to eat outside at their play yard and I had to take a photo of them.  Mammarazzi on the prey.

Remember as a kid eating a frozen treat outside when the weather was nice? The joy of eating something sweet, giggling at each other and sharing the treats? That's what I remembered and I want my kids to have those fun memories too.





Any special memories you have as a child when Spring was coming? Or maybe during the summer? What do your children like to eat when it's warm outside. Remember those long tubes filled with frozen flavored water? I can't remember the name but I LOVED those but kept getting booboo at the edge of my mouth because of the plastic. Man, those were awesome!
A Bientot!


Chey can cook! (and more) said...

looks like you kids had a great day! freeze pops you mean? they're still around and the plastic still cuts one's mouth:) i like forward to going to a farm near us that makes their own ice cream now, but when i was a kid i couldn't wait for my parents to be able to grill outside and eat at the picnic table sometimes!

Tracychele @ The Week-Ender said...

I loved to hear the ice cream freezer get going! It was always so good. We used to sneak the rock salt out of the freezer and eat it! Cute pics of the kids. The looked like they were enjoying! Have a great day. Feel better! Gardening will help! :)


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