April 23, 2010

Guess who's losing a tooth?

No, not me thank God but my daughter is. Her first wiggly tooth at almost 7. She's been asking for her teeth to fall like her friends. lol The bottom one, next to her middle tooth (I could always Google for the name but eh?) is wiggly. Funny since she's been asking for some gum for a few days and I finally caved and let her have one gumball. Guess it did the trick and helped the tooth to get loose.

Now we are on "Tooth" lookout. I asked if the tooth fairy will leave her money. She told me that her best friend said it's the mom that leaves money. Quoi?! Her friend said she saw her mom at night sneaking in money under her pillow.  I didn't deny or acknowledge it since my 4 year old was next to me. Hmm. Should I tell her that she's right? I always thought once the child knows, money stops flowing. lol What's the tooth situation at your home? Also, how much does the fairy give these days?

A Bientot!


Wanda said...

I say - keep the facade going. There's plenty of time to discover there is less magic in life than we thought.

Congrats on her first loose tooth. It's a milestone - we've lost 4 already. "Our" tooth fairy left $2.00 for the little bottom ones and $5.00 for the top front tooth. Dahlia was thrilled. "Our" tooth fairy even left a note when she had 2 teeth pulled at the dentist. (They were crowding so had to come out.)

So, let us know what you (I mean your tooth fairy) did!

Tracychele @ The Week-Ender said...

I tell them this for ALL occasions when they feel like trying to figure stuff out: "When you stop believing, you stop receiving!". It usually gets them to stop asking! My little Alex has a loose tooth in the front. She is 5 and so excited. Don't you hate when the other kids try to spoil stuff for them? UGH! We usually give 5 for the first and 3 to 5 for every one after, depending on what is in Daddy's wallet! I have forgotten several times and had to go up and act like I was helping look and I "found" it on the floor! I do have four kids. It is easy to forget stuff! Have a great Saturday. It is pouring here!


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