May 24, 2010

End of year teacher's gift.

Well today is my daughter's last day of school. Actually at 12:30pm since it's a minimum day. I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand I am happy that my daughter will enjoy a summer vacation with no homework or getting up early for school. On the other hand, there could be more fights between her and her brother. soupir. As long as I keep them busy, things should go ok. Please tell me things will be ok. lol

My daughter's teacher got a pink slip this year and it doesn't look like she will be coming back or have a job this Fall. I am so sad for her. Almost half the teachers at her school got pink slipped but nearly everyone got it rescinded. They will go to other schools though. soupir. Since her teacher may not come back, I wanted to give her gifts that was practical and also personal.

From me, I got her a pair of salon flip flops with a gift certificate for the highest pedicure they offer. This is probably a luxury to most people and I think she deserves to be pampered. This way, she won't feel guilty splurging on a pedi since it's been taken care of. Her second gift is a gift card to Target and a personal note to her. Target has everything someone needs so this is my practical gift to her. lol Her last gift is from my daughter.  She wanted to get a mug and write something on it for her teacher. We bought ours at Starbucks but I'm sure there are other places that sells these kinds of mugs. Cute, practical and fun!

So tomorrow is going to be a happy/sad day for teachers and parents. We all know what will happen to most of them so they're might be tears tomorrow. As long as I don't see them, I won't cry. Please don't make me cry. I do an ugly cry. lol

Are your children still in school or has school been closed already? Are you happy? Sad? Scared that you might lose your mind and start drinking at 7am?...not that it'll happen to me. hihihi

A Bientot!



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