July 15, 2010

Ten years.

That is how long my hubby and I have been married. Today is our wedding anniversary. I usually don't make a big fuss about these kinds of thing but I thought the 10th should be something to celebrate it since not too many people stay married these days. 

We have known each other since we were 20 (shy of turning 21). We have grown up "together" by doing many first, buying our first house, having pets then when they (pets) survived, we thought the children will also be ok. lol I think the trick is to stay friends and to think about the other. It's hard when you have young kids but I think that's what makes our relationship great.

Now for years I have been wanting a bigger diamond ring. The one I have goes well with my petite hand but something a litte bigger would be nice, right??? Well I had the OK from hubby to get the ring that I've always wanted. Off to search online! Found cute ones but then realized I would put my original ring away. That made me sad. Very,very sad. This was the ring hubby bought and paid for in cash. You know how hard it is to save enough money for a wedding ring when you just started out and bought a house one year prior? Yeah. When we bought our house, it was pretty much empty.  We both were newly grads so our salaries were not great. Slowly we saved enough to fill the house, have some savings and knowing we could financially provide for any upcoming children we may have. Today we are doing well so this ring tells our life story. I couldn't put it away! So I decided to nix the new ring and figure out what I would like instead.

Now most women love jewlery, romantic trips but I'm not that kind of woman anymore. I guess I grew up and would rather get my kids things or experience moments then spending on myself. Then my husband said one thing that made me get all googly eyed.  Carte blanche shopping trip? Non. Go to a salon and get pampered from my head to my toes? Non encore. Two simple words that made my heart pitter patter....

....................closet organizer!..................................................................

OMG! Yes yes yes! My friends know that I like things put in a certain place, like to keep the house as tidy as possible with 2 kids and a dog and cleaning is relaxing for me. I blame all this on my mom. Her genes. So I went ahead and called 3 major closet companies to come and beautify my walk-in-closet. My closet is huge but had such wasted, unused space. I did as best as I could to use every part of that room but I knew it could be better. So for weeks we went over the designs, prices and companies until we got what I wanted. lol Hubby doesn't care how it looks since it's not exciting. hihihi

Care to see how it looks? Now this company needs to return since some of the pieces were incorrect and basket liners were still backordered. That's ok. It still looks great and I'll be patient. Ok, ready? Like really, really ready? Ok, you twisted my arm! I'll show you guys. hihihi

Sorry for the bad photos. It's really hard to take a picture inside a closet! lol

Here's the before while we took everything from the ground and a bookcase we had in there. It didn't look like this before. I would have a heart attack if it did! lol Hubby installed the hardwood. I guess he knew it would look better with hardwood then carpet. He was sooo right!
And here is it now. I have more space than he but all his clothes fit in his section.  His side is on the right and where you see our electrical panel, that wooden panel is off. They will replace it plys the top shelf.  Someone didn't double check my order. hihihi
Hmm need to buy more shoes. I have 3 pairs in my entryway closet and 3 pairs of boots. I used to have so many pairs of shoes. Motherhood changed me I guess.
Hubby side. This is all the clothes he has! His sweaters, tshirts and shorts are in the drawers.
I have a project in mind for that wall but it will have to wait. Too many things are happening now and I don't have the extra time for it. I think it'll look great once done.
Now I am thinking of making this room even more beautiful. A rug? An ottoman? Chandeliers? lol Hubby has no idea what he has unleashed. lol

My husband doesn't read my blog BUT in the rare occassion he is... Happy Anniversary Baby! All these years and I still love to sit with you, talk to you and squeeze that cute tush of yours. Here's to more decades being together!

What? He does have a cute tush.

A Bientot!


My 5 Monkeys(Julie) said...

what change in the closets and Happy Anniversary to you both.

Karen Mortensen said...

Happy 10 years to you. That is great. I think you have the secret down.

I LOVE the closet. Great job.

Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

What a beautiful and huge closet!! You have a new follower now too!! Thanks so much for taking time to stop by my blog!

Becky@OrganizingMadeFun said...

You have a beautiful closet!!! I am sure that you are very happy. I love my organized closet system and it feels like a little dressing room everytime I'm in there! So pretty...I bet if you put an ottoman, a rug, a chandelier all that will make it so sweet and special. Feel free to come over and check out my organizer system, too! I have a tiny little chandelier! My closet is much smaller, too!

Becky B.
Organizing Made Fun


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