August 24, 2010

New project.

I've been so busy with work and the kids that I haven't had time to do some projects that I wanted to do. One for my closet has been on the backburner and this new one for about 2 weeks.

My daughter started second grade and does her homework at the kitchen table or the family room sectional. My son will soon have homework and I know taking care of the two at the same table will not go too well. One will say to the other it's baby work while the other will yell no it's not. Yeah.

Anyway, I wanted to get my daughter her own desk and have been looking at Pottery Barn Kids. I used to buy so many things from that store that my kids would say "Hey, we got that! We have that! That's what we got at home." I would get embarassed and start thinking "Man, we spend way too much at this store." lol I decided to find an used desk and fix it myself. A project for me and hopefully a cute desk for my daughter.

I found a laminate desk on Craigslist for cheap. I didn't want a computer desk and most desks were too big for her room. I was hoping in finding a wood desk but no such luck. I got this laminate one and thought I could paint it. Yes, you can paint laminate. I have seen it but never tried it. I will now. lol

Here's what it looks like. The photo was from Craigslist but the close up is from my camera. It has many scrtaches that need to be filled before I can prime and paint it. Lets hope it'll look good once I'm done with it.
A Bientot!


Wanda said...

Great find. Looking forward to seeing it all done up!


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