January 6, 2011

Happy New year....a week later!

We are finally at home and our routine is slowly coming together once again. The kids went to school the next day (incroyable!) and I did some errands. The pile of mail that was waiting for me was scary but I got it all open, sorted or trashed.

We had a wonderful time and I miss home. My daughter cried for 2 days before we left for California since she wanted to stay in Montreal. Can't blame her. She's a city girl like her momma.  Staying with Vovo and Vouvou (Grandma and Grandpa) was also fun so going back to your "normal" life isn't easy for a child. Or an adult.

Kids loved the snow. They wanted to play with it everyday if we let them. The slid on it, made a snowman, snowballs, snowangels, shoveled it and threw it everywhere.  I even slid and yeah, it was fun but not confortable on a kid size sleigh.  Here are some of the highlights from our trip.

Waiting for the shuttle (that never came! ugh!) at 4:30am.
Ready for the first time playing in the snow.
Warming up after their first day playing in the snow.
Dinner out on that first night. Yeah, good luck in getting him in bed by 8pm.
 With my FIL. We were going to The Biodome.
My brother and I at the mall on Boxing Day.
At Old Montreal.
Subway ride.
Daddy loved it but kept saying it was only for the kids that he rode with them. Uhuh.
At Barbies (a diner).
Everyone is having fun!
Our last date of 2010.
I hope you guys had a wonderful holiday. Now I need a vacation from my vacation. lol

A Bientot!


Tracychele @ The Week-Ender said...

Welcome back! What great pics! I have never been there, so it was neat seeing the pics. Looks like everyone have fun. Ohh...and Happy New Year! :)


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