January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Well it's 2012 already! A whole year just zoomed by. 2011 was filled with changes in our family. Some good, some ok and some not too great. I'm hoping this year will be a year a bit less stressed for our family.

Last year I actually opened a business and only started advertising it by the end of summer. I almost doubled my clientele and yet I am still able to work part time and be with my children. Years ago I thought they would be ok without me being at home after school at a certain age but I was wrong. They still needed their momma. lol You learn as you get older.

I'm hoping this year will be a good one not only for our family but also my business. How was your 2011? Pretty good or kinda stressful? What are your wishes for 2012?

A Bientot!


Karen Mortensen said...

Happy New Year. All the best.


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