April 10, 2008


Ha! Got you there, didn't I? You guys thought this would be a French blog, didn't you?! ;) Nope! You might find some French words or sentences here and there but this will mostly be an English blog. Bienvenue to my blog!

So I'm new to this blog thing. At my age, sad, I know. I'm someone that loves to be busy all the time so I thought this could be something that I could add to my daily repertoire. Blogging (is that a word??) should help me tell my friends and family what's going on in my life since lately I suck at responding to my emails. *hanging head in shame* Also, I want to be a hip and cool momma so that my kids later on won't say "Mom! This is not the 90's!" So, I'm hoping to have a weekly post at least unless I have something really exciting to share. Oh! Just for those who accidentally fell onto my blog, my personality is somewhat crazy/strange/funny. I tell people it's because I'm Portuguese-Canadian. You'll see what I mean later on. :p

A bientot!



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