April 11, 2008

Got dirt?

Tomorrow afternoon hubby and I will plant our trees and some plants in our backyard. Since we moved into a new home with no backyard landscaping, having a dirt only backyard was not an option. With 2 kids and a dog...ah yeah! don't think so! I love to garden anyway. Do you? I have those gardeners gloves but I rarely use them. I like using my bare hands. Some of my friends think I'm weird but touching cool, soft black dirt feels so good. Told ya I was strange. ;) I don't know how to put those smileys yet. Bare with me until I do.

So those pictures are from last year. Nothing wow as you can see. Just a normal Nor Cal backyard. We have added some grass, fruit trees, shrubs and flowers since then. I'll take some pictures tomorrow and post them. Lets hope all goes well with the planting bit for tomorrow.



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