May 28, 2008


I stopped at my favorite consignment store and found this!


And guess how much it cost me?


Yup, 5 smackaroos! Why so cheap? Because of this!


If you've ever been inside a model home, they have beautiful decoration accents all stuck together with glue. Not the one that comes off easily. Oh no! The one that sometimes destroys things. As I was picking it up and looking at it, a lady saw it and asked me how much was it. I told her $5 and she said:" good deal, too bad it'll be nearly impossible to get that glue off." Now I saw her eyeing it before but she never picked it up so I wasn't sure if she was trying to discourage me from getting it. Sorry Madame, I love a challenge. lol I told her I could probably take it off. So I was walking around and holding the base like a bride's wedding bouquet. Hey! If I put it down for a second, that lady might try to take it from me. Paranoid much? Hmm maybe. I have paid some serious money at Williams Sonoma for the glass cake stands so a huge one for $5 is a steal. My steal! Way Too Happy This is actually how I move everyday. Hehehe
I went home and started picking at it. Man, this glue was thick and hard to take off but 15 minutes later, this is what it looks like.


Now it's ready for a yummy cake for display. That will be for another post.

A bientot!



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