June 1, 2008

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

If you have kids, you definitely will need this product. Mr.Clean Magic Eraser works like...an eraser! It erases stubborn marks on the walls, furniture, floor, etc. It can sometimes take out some light rust stains on bathtubs. Now these erases comes in different forms. Some have a solution that foams when introduce to water. These are ok for sinks and tubs but are not my favorite. Some have a scrubber too but I like the original version. Plain ol' white one. How to they work? You rinse them in water, squeeze the excess water and start erasing the problem. They shrink as you wet and squeeze them. Here are what I use it for.

  • Removing skid marks on floors (tile, wood, linoleum,etc)
  • Removing pen,crayons and markers from walls, laminated furniture and floors.
  • Make sinks and tubs brighter by finishing my cleaning with them.
  • Cleaning toys that have been marked by markers or pens.


Have a doll's plastic face/body that has been marred by pens or makers? Or are old and dingy? Use the eraser and it'll be like new again..or until your child will draw on the doll again. Or you may have walls that have marks by furniture or even white doors that are not "white" anymore. It will make them like new and you may not have to paint to get it nice again. This is one of my favorite cleaning tools. You can get them at grocery stores, hardware stores and discount stores. They are about $2.50-5 depending the size and the store. Now go get one and report to me what you have done with it. Still here????GO!

A bientot!



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