May 10, 2008

Skin cancer screening

This week I received an email from Olay about a free skin screening test. I've always been careful about the sun since I have very pale skin (the new white) and rarely tan. It took almost 8 years living in California in having a beige color on my arms. Beige people! Not brown, not latte but beige! Disappointed 3

So my friend K (remember her? The one that left a piece of granite at my doorstop?) and I went to get a free skin screening and maybe a little shopping. Imagine has been modified to protect the UNinnocent.


We got there at Dr.Rosio from El Dorado Hills, filled a form and off to have your face and skin checked. Nothing bad to announce but I wanted to see what's under my skin. My friend K took hers first. Three words: Southern California Crisco. Although her face wasn't too bad since there was one lady on a poster board and her skin was almost black! ALOT of sun damage. Here's what my friend K looked like.....HA HA, got your ticked off huh K? I won't show hers but I will show mine. I do not photograph very well so bare with me.


Here's what you don't want to look like. Taken from google.


So this month you can get a free skin cancer screening. Now go and have it done! It's preventable and most cases curable IF caught early on. Don't chance it. If you won't do it for yourself, do it for someone that loves you and perhanps needs you.



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