June 30, 2008

Au marche

This morning we went to do small errands. The children were asking about Grandpa so I thought this might do them (and myself) some good. On our way back, we stopped at a local farm to see what they had. I carried my red basket that I adore and we found some wonderful produce there. A lady stopped me and asked where I got my baskets. I get that alot. Here is what we got for about $12.



Hmm I should of taken a better picture of the zucchini in the back. It's HUGE! And those eggplants? They're actually stuck together like a baby with its mommy. I needed some pecans since I ran out of them and I really needed them for my baked french toast that I made for yesterday's breakfast (post will follow later). Anywhoo, the kids had fun and eat their lunch with their blueberries. I think next time I'll buy more and freeze them since the kids love them. Any of you go to your local farm or farmer's market? You should. Not only is it cheaper but most likely, the produce is better since it's picked at the right time unlike those grocer's produce. Go and check them out then report to me. Cool

A bientot!



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