June 9, 2008


No, it's not a commercial post for Gossip Girl. Did you guys catch that "caption" online a few weeks ago? I was shocked that they would throw an F letter in there. Have never watched the show but I know it's for teenagers but still...Ok I digress. So, I can swim for a few seconds with no help of my teacher or a floatation device. Whoa! Did I actually do that? Yes I did! Just wanted to tell someone...or my handful of readers. Which is another OMG. Now I might actually be able to save my children in the pool is anything were to happen (God forbid). Now I might be able to relax a teeny tiny bit more when they want to go to the pool. That's all. Have a nice evening!

A bientot!


Anonymous said...

Ahahahah... I watch Gossip Girl :-)Does it make me a teenager?


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