July 3, 2008

Conversation avec ma fille

Conversation between my daughter and I from this morning. It all started by not finding a new pair of sandals that I bought yesterday. My kids love to wear my shoes hence they disappear for some time. After my daughter found them and went to our hall closet, this is what happened.

Ma fille: What????? Another pair of shoes?

Moi: Yes, don't wear them.

Ma fille: What has gotten into you??!!! You bought too much shoes!!
*insert waving of hands and then laying hands on hips* (still working on grammar and syntax)

Moi: *shocked* Excuse me??!! You have twice as many shoes as I do.

Now my daughter is not 35, 45 or 55 but 5! I know where she got that expression *sheepish grin* but I never thought she would use that correctly in a sentence. In my defense, I bought 2 pairs of sandals for less than $25 total. I tossed my old *cough*15 year old shoes*cough* this year and needed something to replace them. I don't have many shoes and usually wear the same one all the time. I am sometimes known for certain shoes I wear. My daughter, on the other hand, has many many pairs of shoes. I buy them since it's so much easier to buy children's shoes than for moi. I'm picky and I can't always find my size. So, I am still in shock that my daughter has repeated an expression that I use when they act up. She is my daughter. Am I in trouble in the future???

A bientot!



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