July 15, 2008

Un petit oiseau

I had to stop by at Target this morning. I was looking to get my son a new piggy bank. I saw a cute car version of it but it didn't look good (dried up dripping paint). Well that's a bust. Ok, then, guess I'll be heading home. Then I remembered that cute print I saw on Sunday. Lets take a look at it again since I'm here, right? There were a few of them last time (2 different prints but I liked one best) and upon arriving there, only one was left! And the one that I liked the best at that! I snatched it up and went to pay for it. I should of bought it on Sunday but wasn't sure where to put it. I know that's not a good reason not to buy but I didn't want it to collect dust in my closet either. And now in hangs in my mini guest bedroom hallway.



Isn't it cute? I love the print. The frame? Eh? I can take it or leave it. Now that space is done. Just needed that little birdie to make it feel homey.
A bientot!


eeestll said...

Yup. Perfect picture for perfect spot.

Mama's Losin' It said...

Really cute!! Will you come over to my house and spruce the plae up a bit too!?!


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