August 31, 2008

Clorox Bath Wand

Do you hate cleaning the bathtub? Or the shower? It might surprise others that I don't like scrubbing a bathtub either. I need to bend over and try to clean the sides of the tub without falling in and that's not as easy as it sounds when your tub is really high. Enters the Clorox Bath Wand.


This gadget is pretty good. It's a plastic "wand" where you attach a clorox pad to it. The pad comes with a built-in cleaner that activates once you wet it. Once it's wet, it's ready for some cleaning. It suds pretty well and I don't have to bed as much, It really cleans the sides in no time too! I also use it on the shower walls, tiles and glass. It does not scratch the glass so you can use it there. The smell of the product is actually nice. Does not smell like bleach but it has a light "clean" smell. Once done with your cleaning, you just toss the used pad in the trash. In the end you get a sparkling tub and shower, with less cleaning effort from you. Makes cleaning a snap! You can find these are your grocery stores and discount stores. I get mine at Target.**cue thinking mode** You know, I'm putting Target out there with my blog. Target, how about some sending moi some kind of thank you letter since I shop there pretty often plus I kinda advertise you here. Ok, back to serious cleaning business! ***end thinking mode***

The wand itself is not too expensive and the refills are about $3-5$. They come with 5 pads in a box. One pad can clean a tub and shower easily.

Save your back and try this product. Not only will your tub be squeaky clean but it'll cut your cleaning time in half. Then you'll have more time doing what you like to do...such as reading my blog.
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Happy Cleaning!


Bar-b said...

you read my mind, serioulsly. I was in the shower and I was like " I need to talk to nancy to see what the hekll I do about this mildow stain on the grout" and *poof* here was this entry. The celaning lady came and she did not get it out. She uses my products so I am thinking it is my fault. What can I do for the grout? It is black in some parts. Is this the product to use mama?


Domestic Goddess..Diva sometimes said...

Hmm. What color is your grout? If white, use that bleach pen, let it sit for 20-30 minutes then take an old toobrush and start brushing. If color, you could try the magic eraser but I don't know if it'll take it out. You need something that will seep into the grout since it's probably not a surface thing.

You can also use baking soda and water (make into a paste) and brush it with toothbrush. Ley me think about it some more. :)

Bar-b said...

I will try the bleach pen....I should have read this before going to target...grrrr.

Thanks! hope you're great!


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