August 11, 2008


Oh good lord! The 80's are back in full force as I can see! I have seen multi layered ruffled skirts (can anyone say Madonna?) Long tunics and jellie shoes and now this! I like leggings but without any stirrups. What's next? The one piece bodysuit that have snaps at the bottom? One word : onesies! *shudder* Here's what I saw on Forever 21. *shudder*


That's it! Tomorrow I'm getting a spiral perm and I'm going to tease my hair until I gain an extra 2-3" in height! Like totally!

A bientot!


Bar-b said...

gag me with a spoon nancy...that can be the name of your new, 80's style. I hated leggings then and I certainly hate them now too. Oh, I should have kept all of my 80's garb.


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