September 18, 2008

Nouveau blog

Has this ever happened to you? Just minding your business while waiting in line or at a crosswalk and hear someone's personal conversation? Sometimes it makes you laugh and you try your best to keep your face from crumbling with laughter. Or maybe it's so weird that you quickly look at the person and think "What the heck?!".
I have heard many conversations on buses, metros and even waiting in line (thanks INS building for making those 8-10 hours of waiting a bit less boresome). The last one was hearing my neighbor talking to two of her children they were having a girl while I crossed paths with her. She has 5 boys.

This guy's blog is a collection of overheard conversations. Some are funny and some make you cringe inside from people stupidity. EavesdropDC is hilarious! He (I am assuming by the male pic) cites himself as a Professional Eavesdropper. LOL Go check his blog out! You'll laugh at some of them. I promise!

A bientot!


Sarah Kate said...

Thanks for the visit. I love your Tub, and all of the how-to's. My sister in law has a blog devoted to marta conversations and the crazy people she meets on the metro. I will have to share that one with her.


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