September 25, 2008

Une histoire d'un chien.

Warning. Long post ahead.

Yesterday I was talking to a friend of mine about my blog and Thenny, our backyard frog. I told him that my mom would say that animals always liked me. He said I was like Dr. Dolittle. Little did I know it would be so true!

I woke up this morning to barking dogs. Usual in my area. As I was helping my daughter choose a school outfit, I hear the barking coming from my side of the house. Strange. My next door neighbor does not have a dog. I quickly go downstairs and out the front door. There I hear a dog bark and growl at me. I get inside quickly and tell Hubby there's a dog out there. I get 2 treats and go out since I want to make sure it was going to be safe from harm. Yeah, too bad I wasn't thinking about MY safety but the animals'. I saw that it went to my neighbor and she asked if it was mine. Nope. We look at each other and she goes in her home. Okay. Guess it's my problem now. lol I call the dog to me and he comes. Yup, clearly a he. He eats the treats and is all friendly. Ahh how to please a male is always by feeding it. hehehe


I put him in my backyard and ask Hubby to call the Animal Shelter. I told the kids not to go outside and my Sandy had to stay in. Didn't know if it was a friendly toward other dogs or if he had all his shots. Had to protect my babies you know. I gave him water and breakfast and off I went to drop my daughter to school. I came home to some whimpering from my dog and this lost dog. They wanted to play but I couldn't risk it. I went outside and played with the dog while waiting for Animal Services to come. Boy is he rough and always jumping. And very slobbery. lol




Mr. Animal Guy came and was outside the side yard gate. The dog barked, jumped and growled at him. Mr. Animal Guy came to my house and tried getting out from my family room door. I went out too. Dog was fine when I got out but when Mr. AG tried to put his feet out, the dog growled and nipped at his foot! Inside he went and he said he was going to call some backup since the dog was aggressive and big. Okay. Went to get my daughter from school and I see another truck has arrived. A man and a woman this time. I went to my backyard since the dog was going crazy at the gate. They asked me if I could loop their cord/leash to him. Sure. I tried giving them the end of the leash but they asked if I could walk the dog out since it liked me. Okay. Off I went to walk with the dog to the ramp of the animal service truck. This dog is taller than me standing up and weights probably more than I. lol

Poor thing was shaking when it went inside the truck. My heart hurt seeing him scared like that. I asked them where were they taking him and they said at our local SPCA. They also said that since he's an old dog and a bit aggressive, they're not sure if he'll be adopted in case his owner does not come and claim him. He could be put down to sleep. I wanted to cry right there and then. I felt like I just sealed his faith for him. If I didn't have small children and a dog, I would of taken him and train him.

They said alot of people's home that have foreclosed will just leave their pets in the yard. Sorry for the next words coming from me but WHAT THE HELL is wrong with people doing this??!! Just abandon your pet??? Leave it to starve and die???!! I really, really dislike animal owners who take dogs or cats as things and not living creatures. Hello??? Would you leave your child in the streets because you can't afford him or her??? Why do people get animals if they don't LOVE them?

Anyway, I posted some flyers for anyone to call the SPCA to pick him up. Poor thing. I know Hubby would say no but we could of given him a nice home to live the rest of his years in comfort and safety. I pray someone will give him a home. If no one claims him and you live in the Sacramento area looking for a dog that loves to play, call the SPCA at 916-383-7387, case # AS- 4442. He is a nice dog just scared and protective of whoever he thinks is his friend.


I had to mention this though. Mr. Animal Guy was a tall, strong 6'3 or 6'4 guy, had to get backup and here I am at barely 5', looped the leash on the dog, walked him to the truck, up the ramp and in the truck. LOL

A bientot!


the undomesticated wife said...

:( Poor dog! Even the friendliest, sweetest, calmest dog can growl or nip when they are afraid. Do you have any no-kill rescues or shelters nearby that will rescue him? I work with animal rescue and realize that they generally give animals 3-5 days to be adopted or found by their owners. And if they aren't...well, you know what happens. :(

He looks healthy, like he's someone's pet and not a typical "street dog." I get so angry when I find dogs with collars and no tags! What's the point in that?!

He's very cute. I think it's sad that the Animal Control officer has already pegged him as "aggressive" and "old." That's not promising at all. They of all people should know that an animal may act differently at first just out of fear, but that it doesn't mean that's his normal behavior. For this reason, I refuse to work with animal control.

And that dog doesn't look old to me at all! I once worked with a rescue that said an animal was tagged as old (about 10) from animal control, but once rescue got him, cleaned him up and had a vet check, the dog was only about 2!! He was just filthy and mangy, so they assumed he was old.

Ugh..sorry to ramble. ;) This is a cause that is close to my heart.

I hope the cute guy finds his family or someone else to save him from death row! He sure is a handsome feller!


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