October 26, 2008

Non mais, c'est MA citrouille!

For a few days, I noticed my tiny orange pumpkin near my mums having what looked like tiny bites. Hmmm...aunts? Bugs? Well two days ago as I was talking to my friend on the phone outside and zoom! A little grey, PLUMP, mouse scurried away! It hid behind my heavy tombstone in my front entryway and ran into the bushes. Eyes Poppin A mouse was eating my pumpkin! Now I have to open the door carefully since I don't want it to get in my house. Can you imagine trying to find a tiny mouse in an over 3000 sq ft home?? Yeah, not good.

So what should I do? It doesn't seem too interested with my white ones or the white and green one. Should I just put the pumpkin closer to the front yard or should I just leave it until it's gone? Am I looking for trouble if I leave the pumpkin? It really does seem my house is animal friendly. Any advice is appreciated.

Here's what it looked like before.


And from yesterday.


A Bientot!



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