November 1, 2008

Hello??? Can you hear me now?

Those who know me personally, know that I rarely use my cell phone. Heck! A few months ago, I texted for the first time! LOL I would prefer to have a "private" conversation at home and not at a store or school or anywhere else. Not a huge fan but for those of you that do, this tip might be good for you.
My friend, while doing the laundry, left her cell phone on her wash basket and preceded to dump the clothes in the washer. See where I'm going with this? In goes the cell! She fished it out but it was too late. Her Razor went caput. A few days later it worked but not perfectly. Later on, she emailed me saying she read a few years ago a "mommy mag" about something like that happening to you, to pry your cell phone apart, put it in a Rubbermaid or such container and drop those silica bags in it. (you know the ones that come with new purses, shoes, etc) Close the lid and wait a few days. The silica gels will absorb the moisture from the cell phone. Now, I have no idea if this works but since most people have cell phones and a few have very $$$$ phones, this would be good if it works.

By the way, my friend's friend (not moi since my phone is either at home or in my purse lol) dropped hers in a public toilet. All together now...EWWWW! She said it was clear but man, I must be a germaphobe because I would be trying to figure out if my cheapo phone was worth it. She did fished it out and said it worked days later. Ladies, put your cell phones in your purse..don't talk while doing your business. lol Anyway, you can thank my friend...hehehe, I know she is ready this so her name will be anonymous...maybe...we'll see...
CORRECTION: My friend emailed me this morning and said she read that tip a few days after the incident. Got my story mixed up. Sorry woman! Has your cell by the way? Goofy
A Bientot!


Jodee Leader said...

I am sooo with you. I rarely carry a cell phone and I have never sent a text message!


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