November 28, 2008

This is just ridiculous!

Ok, I know some of my readers go to the Day After Thanksgiving sale and love a good bargain. I'm sure they are respectful and courteous to others. Right? The One Writing The Message Is Winking
Unfortunately, some people have NO manners or respect for other people. Those scenes they show on tv make me cringe and sad. It's one thing to wait in line, walk to the door but push, shove, yell and run is just plain crazy! A man died because of this frenzy! People were walking over him or around him! Is human life worth so little compared to some bauble? I remember when I used to go shopping on Boxing Day, stores will partially open those sliding doors and let a certain amount of people in. People get out, more people get in. I think Mervyn has done that too? Anyway, I hope everyone that went shopping got home safe with what they wanted. I'm sorry for this post. It's more of a personal vent on how society is getting meaner and ugly.

On a lighter note, I had to drop my car at the dealership and there was a Target near by. It was 8:55am so any good deals would be out we assumed. It wasn't crowded and they even had employees asking customers if they were looking for a particular item. Wow! I was looking at the toy section with my kids and hubby went to the electronics. When we were done browsing, I saw 3 boxes of RCA portable DVD Players for $49 instead of $89.99! I got 2 since I have wanted to get these for our long trips but couldn't spend $100+ each. I told hubby Karma is sweet. Didn't have to wake up early, wait in line nor be shoved and still got lucky to get these 2 players for my kids!

Oh and as for my car? A free part replacement from Honda! Woohoo! That part would of cost us $250 but there was a recall on it so $0! Told hubby we should be doing more for others since we're mostly blessed with good fortune. Looks like someone is telling me to pay it forward and that's exactly what I'll be doing tomorrow while grocery shopping! I have too much compare to others. We need to do more and sometimes be reminded when we don't get what we want. Greed is just eating away at the world and it makes me sad. Sorry for the downer ladies. I had ups and then the news hit me....

A Bientot!


Lorilee said...

Crazy! I try to stay out of town on Black Friday!

Jodee Leader said...

Holy cow! I didn't hear about this tragedy. It is simply uncalled for! I shopped for 12 hours yesterday and didn't even come across one rude person.

Adrienne said...

Quick question, what kind of Honda do you drive and what was recalled? I know it is strange, but I drive a Honda mini van.

Bar-b said...

This is terrible and I had not heard of it. I am saddened by this act and by the reaction to it.

I used to love black friday (when I was single and kidless). Iused to graba coffee and hit the stores by 6am. It was so much fun! It really got me in the holiday spirit.

Great score on the recall and the dual dvd players!

Domestic Goddess..Diva sometimes said...

It was in the news here along with the toys-r-us shooting. I'm glad that those of you that went didn't have a bad experience. Wished everyone would just be nice to all, holiday or no.

Glad I could help you out Adrienne. :)


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