November 11, 2008

Une petite souris.

No, not the one that lives in my front yard eating at my tiny pumpkins. Hubby got one a few weeks ago for my son when he's playing on hubby's laptop.

Isn't it adorable? It's so tiny! When I see my son using it, it just melts my heart knowing hubby got it for him so he can play better next to his daddy while he's working.



Here's a photo of it next to my mouse.


I went into this marriage knowing my hubby wasn't the most romantic guy but when he thinks about his family needs, he comes thru. Some woman get flowers, chocolates or jewelry. I get kitchen appliances and gadgets. Gotta love the man! So what kind of husband is yours? A romantic at heart, an outdoorsy man or a belching & grunting man? lol

A Bientot!


~Corey said...

I have a gadget guru as well. I got a bluetooth handsfree device for my birthday last year.

Jodee Leader said...

This post is sooo cute! My hubby knows not to buy me anything that plugs in! However, he surprises me with flowers on occasion and he also cooks for me EVERY night! It's hard to beat that!


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