November 4, 2008


I can't believe it! I didn't think the USA was ready for this but I guess I was wrong. Makes me feel good though that some people looked beyond his skin color and just chose the "person" for the position. I could not vote since I am not a citizen but I am happy he won. I hope he will make changes for this country since it's been upside down for a few years. I hope.

I also fear for him. I have seen videos of people using fowl language about his "color" and that makes me fear for him and his family. I know my family and friends back home thought the same thing. Let's not make this a repeat history that ends with a loss. *shudder*

I know some of my readers might not be happy that he won and some are happy. For now, we all have to look up to him and hope he will reorganize everything so that everyone can feel happy and safe in their country once again. This is gonna be one heck of a ride to watch and live with for this Canadian woman. I'm happy to be alive to see this happen! This is a historical day!
A Bientot


danielle said...

I am SO energized and hopeful for what he will bring to this country. I hope that both sides can come together for the betterment of this country, and he's an awesome choice to help us do so!!!

anessa said...

Why is it that I didn't know you weren't a US citizen? Are you ever planning on it? I should know these things already!! Geesh! It has been 3 years...sniff sniff.

Bar-b said...

ditto what danielle said! I heard something cool too...let's forget who is red or blue and become purple (you know...mixing both blue and red) for our country. something like that.

Dawnie said...

I think we all need to sit back and just take a LONGGG deep breath and see whats going to happen. He has surely inherited a huge mess and it wont be fixed in 4 years. All I truly want in a President or any government official, is a God fearing, caring, honest human being that cares more about his people then himself. I 'm dreaming i Know.


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