December 17, 2008

Baby it's cold outside!

Well for people in Sacramento is it. Last night, I was watching the news and they said frost was coming to Sacramento. In my poinsettias and pygmy palm came into the foyer! lol Tonight is another frost night so they'll come in again.

Now we do have snow in Nor Cal (Redding, Weed, etc) but here, just frost. As I was driving to the mall to get yet again some Christmas presents, I saw snow on the road! Probably from a truck carrying it someplace. I had a neighbor that would have real now delievered to his home a few days before Christmas. I wonder how much would that be? Anyone? Anyway, here's what I found this morning.


Yeah, it's cold.

A Bientot!


Bar-b said...

Can't believe it. You need to put your halloween rats on there so they can ice skate.

Michelle said...

I hope that you get snow for Christmas, even if you have to buy it!! Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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