December 16, 2008

Two sweets!

Yesterday as I was getting my daughter's cookies ready for her class, my children were in their room upstairs for naptime. When I was done, I went upstairs to put away some laundered towels and saw this.


He must of gotten out of his room then crashed in front of it. lol I got a blanket and covered him since it is winter here. He slept like that for about 2 hours.

The other sweet are my daughter's cookies for her class and teachers. I wrapped each cookie and put a cute tag on them. Each child gets a cookie with their name on it. I didn't have any more tins to pack them in *Note to self. Get more tins*


I used Martha's cookie boxes instead. I think they looked cute. There's more boys than girls hence an extra green box.


Now I only have to make some for my son's preschool and I'm set! If some of you are also baking for your children's class, how is it going?
If you also want that tag, it's from Martha's Stewart website that I got I think 2 years ago? I don't know how to add a file on my blog so if you would like a copy of it, email me and I'll email you back with the file.
A Bientot!


~Corey said...

I would like to make something for Grady's class, but homemade treats are not allowed. It has to be something pre-made. Bah humbug!

Your treats are very always.

Marci said...

Hi! Your cookies are adorable, and so is your little one. He is so cute, asleep on the floor. Merry Christmas.

Em @ Bunch of Scrap said...

Great teacher gifts :)

My daughter crashed on the rug in front of my kitchen sink once... too cute

supermommy said...

My oldest fell asleep on our stair landing one night peeking at us. It's so cute when they do that kind of stuff!

Gorgeous cookies!

Jodee Leader said...

That first picture is sooo cute! I found Kamree like that one night after we moved her to a big bed. I was cracking up when I found her!

Your apple cookies turned out sooo cute! I am sure they will be a big hit with the entire class!

Jen r. said...

love the hallway sleeper! My middle one used to do that. As long as they nap right? ;) The cookies are very cute!


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