January 11, 2009

Lazy Sunday apres-midi.

Well I think the server from my hit counter is down. I decided to go with another counter service so that I can see my visitors. I had to start it at 9500 even though I know it's probably higher than that. Once it hits 10 000 visitors, I want to do a giveaway to celebrate it.
Today I was for some reason very tired and actually took a nap without knowing it! lol I haven't had a nap in over a year! I have to say I feel much better after taking that nap. hihihi Are naps a sign of old age? Yikes!
Anyway, I wanted to say thanks to my readers for coming to my blog. It's not an exciting blog just le quotidien in my life. I hope this blog makes you smile or laugh at some occasions or maybe try a new recipe when you're in a cooking rut. Maybe even make a neat freak out of you! Well that's wouldn't be good. Scratch that. I want my readers to remain sane. One nut is enough.


A Bientot!



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