January 25, 2009

Tools of the trade.

Today's post is to show you that you do not need fancy gadgets to clean a home. I have a carry on that holds all my cleaning supplies. Just makes it easier to transport. What does it have inside? I'll tell you.

A glass cleaner (eco friendly if you please)
An all purpose cream cleaner
Disinfectant wipes
Stainless steel cleaner
Paper Towels/Rags
Sponge (one for kitchen and one for bathroom)
Magic Eraser
Pumice stone
Water stain cleaner
Toilet brush (scrubbing bubbles kind)
Old kids toothbrush (please dip them in bleach first before using them)
Q-Tips (cotton swabs)

Now maybe for some, the 2 last items may seem that they do not belong in there. Yet they do. Here are how I use those 2 items in my cleaning routine.

Toothbrush are great to clean around the sink/bathtub drain.Gets all the gunk out!
They are also great to clean around the bathtub where caulk meets tile.
Cleaning around your faucet and handles. You'll be amazed!
Now this is more for cars but you can clean your tire rims with toothbrushes. They are small enough to clean every nook and cranny.

Cotton swabs are also great to clean sink drains.
Great to clean out your window tracks.
Love your soap pump but hate the congealed soap scum in it? Just insert a cotton swab from the pump and clean it out. No more scum!
Have a highchair with a tray? Dip your cotton swab in a cleaner and get into those grooves! It'll take out carrots or peas puree easily!
For your car, cotton swabs are great to clean the AC vents.
They're great to clean your computer keyboard too.

These are how I use them but I'm sure they are other cleaning usages that I don't know off. Do you have a tool that is actually advertise for another purpose? Care to share? Now go and gather your old toothbrushes and get your sotton swabs! It's cleaning time!

A Bientot!


Momo Fali said...

I do the toothbrush thing, but I love the cotton swab tip! And, I love my Magic Eraser so much I want to marry it!


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