May 16, 2009

Son's room. Chambre de mon fils.

I've been feeling quite guilty in not knowing how to decorate my son's room. Now that he is older, I can ask him what he wants. His answer? Cars and trains. That's what he likes. Any kind of car, truck or train. Hmm. Ok. I didn't want to buy certain trademarks of these vehicles. That's just a personal preference of mine though. I wanted something a bit more "unique". What to do? What to do?!

As I was doing my weekly errand to Target, I found these wall stickers. These have certain trademark characters but also some generic ones. I saw one for Cars, planes and trains. Perfect! And they only cost $14.99. You can find them near the wallies/wallpaper section. They are also removable and you can also re stick them elsewhere if you want to. No wall damage. Great!

Here's my son's room decorated with the stickers.

I think for $15, it's a great way to decorate a room on a budget or restrictions (apartments).
A Bientot!


Jodee Leader said...

Very cute :)

Bar-b said...

that is perfect nance! cheap, unique, and you can peel it off when he is into something else!!!!


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