May 4, 2009

What's for dinner?

Tonight I wanted to make something special for the kids. Lately my daughter has been in this "I don't like it anymore..." food phase. sigh She's so skinny and I'm always worried that she'll never gain weight. I guess it's payback from not eating MY food at her age. hihihi

So I tell the kids it's time for dinner. They ask what it is. I tell them cupcakes. "Cupcakes??!!!" they yell while my son runs downstairs. lol My little guy still eats well. One lick and my son keeps on eating even when sister and daddy are still upstairs. He doesn't say "Hey! It's mashed potatoes!" Nope. My son EATS. Makes a Portuguese momma proud! lol



ETA: Here's a tip when making these. I notice the paper cupcake shells can get soaked with the juices from the meat. The aluminum ones worked the best to contain it all.

A Bientot!



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