June 2, 2009

Move-in day!

This past Sunday, my father-in-law moved into his new apartment. We stopped by to bring some housewarming gifts and for the kids to play in the pool. We were lucky since no one was using it. We pretty much had it all to ourselves. Reminded me of our pool from our first home.

The kids had fun playing in the water with Daddy and Grandpa. Moi? I had fun just sitting on a lounge chair and trying to get a light tan. I did and I finally turned beige. lol Hey, when you are very white, beige IS a tan. Here's some photos from the day.



Relaxing at the spa. Hubby wants one...maybe next year.



Here I am. lol Not beige yet.


Hmmm I need to give refresh my pedicure.


Please! No pics from the mamarazzi!


We had a nice visit and it's great that he lives close by too. Looks like this summer will be busier than ever. He also reads my blog so "Hi Bill! Thanks for letting the kids use the pool!"

A Bientot!


dragonflydreamer said...

Your photographs are really good. Your family looks so happy. My in-laws brought some of the happiest memories into the lives of my now grown sons. It's really awesome that your fil will be living close by. I see many good times at the pool for your family this Summer. I would love to visit California, but I probably wouldn't want to leave. Thanks for sharing your world with me.

Jodee Leader said...

Cute water pictures! I can relate -- I am pasty white right now too! Bring on the sun!

Suzanne said...

You're going to have such fun this summer in the pool! And how nice your FIL is so close. Hope he does babysitting! LOL!

jenbusymom said...

Love the new header! I'm so behind with my blog updates and followings lately! Looks like you've been busy in the kitchen as usual! I'm desperate for some of your weather! Hop over to my blog, I've given you an award!


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