July 1, 2009

4th of July dessert.

I'm hosting a BBQ this Saturday and decided to make a cool summer dessert. As I was thinking what to make, I remembered something from an All You magazine. It was a cute dessert in a cup. It consists of vanilla pudding, strawberry jello and blueberries. Now from that magazine, the recipe calls for a homemade vanilla pudding version. I wanted to see if I used instant pudding & jello, would it taste still good? Result? Yup. Still good.


Just make your jello, pour a little in the cup, let is set in the fridge. Once firm, make the vanilla pudding. Add a layer of pudding and let it set. My trick in putting it into the cups nicely once the pudding sets (for the final layer), put it inside a pastry bag. That way you can squeeze the pudding in your cup.


After the final layer (pudding), add some fresh blueberries. Voila! A simple dessert that can be made the day before. I ate one for the purpose of making sure it taste good. Yeah. Yeah. For your convenience.

Bon Appetit!


Sherri @ Luv a Bargain said...

These look so yummy! What a neat idea.

Naturally Jules said...

Great idea, and I love your "meow" and "woof" cups! Too cute!

Domestic Goddess..Diva sometimes said...

lol Thanks. The cups are from World Market. 1.99$ each.

Célia Novais Rosado said...

Not good... not good at all... eheheh

The cups are nice, and the colors of the desert... nham, nham... ihiihhi

Once I made something a little bit alike, but with chocolate mousse (3 chocolate mousse, white, milk and dark) that you just pour in layers like this one. I'll try to find photos and recipe (not that easy... lol)

Tomorrow, departure to Portugal for a month of vacation - but I'll come here once in a while... don't be sad... :)! yupiiiiii!

Bar-b said...

I am SO stealing this idea!!!! Thanks Nance!!!

undercover caterer said...

those are really cute! looked like the kids liked them too...


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