August 24, 2009

Fall season

Now I know in some parts of North America, the weather is getting cooler. Lucky ducks! In Nor Cal, it's still hot. Will probably stay warm until mid October. I don't know about you guys but I am ready for Fall. I'm used to kids going to school in Fall and not in blazing hot weather! Sheesh!
On September first, I am putting away my beach decorations and putting out my Fall decorations. I do not care if it'll be 94F, I will have my wreath out and let the neighbors think I'm nuts.

How's the weather in your part of town? Still hot or is it cooling off? Have you already decorated your home for Fall? Let me know!
A Bientot!


Annabelle said...

It's already fallish feeling the 70s. I'm so ready to do my fall decorating but I'll wait until the beginning of September. Well, I have already decorated my blog, though!

Célia Novais Rosado said...

In France it is colling off! Thank God! I couldn't stand the heat any more... here we're not used to hot weather. I miss Portugal, beaches and sunshine all year long, but in France it jut doesn't match... it is not a sunny warm country at all (starting with people... :P)

A Touch of Country said...

getting cooler here in Iowa....even down in the 40's at night...very unusual this time of year but it sure is getting me in the mood to start decorating!

I put out a scarecrow and two grapevine trees in my front garden.

I'll wrap tiny rice lights around the grapevine and add fall garland. They look so pretty at night.

Karine said...

Ne me fait pas penser que l'automne s'en vient! On n'a pas vu l'ete a Toronto.... :(

Domestic Goddess..Diva sometimes said...

Karine, je suis desole. A Montreal, l'ete etais pourri aussi. Juste de la pluie ou grele. Blech!


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