August 21, 2009

Natural soda?

A few months ago, I posted about Coke made from sugar. Unfortunately, you can only buy it at specialty stores and in small bottles. I would buy it more often if it came in a bigger size but alas, it does not.

Now I discovered that Pepsi has a "sugar" cola too. I've had it before and decided to post about it in case there are others like myself that are trying to rid as many chemicals from their food.

I would like you to meet Pepsi Natural. Pepsi Natural, I would like you to meet my readers. There, now that formalities are out of the way, lets talk about taste. Now, I am a Coca-Cola person. Always was and always will be. This Pepsi product does that better than regular Pepsi. Less sweet. And the ingredients are pretty easy to pronounce so that's a plus!


Too bad it only comes in small bottles. Why don't they make soda from real sugar or at least sugar and not a chemical product after playing with real sugar? I'm sure people would prefer sugar over artificial sweeteners.



Either way, this product is more accessible than my Mexican Coke so it'll be in my fridge more often than my favorite Coke. Soupir. So if you are a Pepsi person, you may like to try out this soda. If you have already, what do you think? Better? Worse? Same?

A Bientot!


Célia Novais Rosado said...

We had some when we went to London! Not bad at all!!!!


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