September 9, 2009

Car problems in DG's life.

Soupir. After I went to pick up my son, my car started to make this weird rattling noise. I called Hubby and he came home to check on it. It may be the alternator but we are not sure. He drove my car to the garage but never made it. The stearing wheel wouldn't turn so a tow truck was called. My car is 10 years old and beside the check engine light from months ago (turns out a new gas cap was all it needed), I am annoyed it's now giving me problems in its senior years. lol Lets hope it's nothing too expensive. We are planning on getting a new "used" car in 2 years for moi so this baby has to last until then! How old are your cars? Have you ever had a car just die on you? Please send "cheap car repair" vibes towards me. hihihi

A Bientot!


clairity said...

Hehe, sounds like the story of my life. My car is 9 and I've had this same exact thing happen to me, the steering wheel just wouldn't turn LOL.

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Oh yeah! I had one car die on me. I new it was going to do it and I was on way home from Target and I kept saying please please please no red lights! I didn't think if I stopped it would start again. Didn't hit one red light that day!

We have a 2001 CRV and a 1998 Volvo (great car btw)!


Naturally Jules said...

Sounds scarry! I have a phobia about my car dying on me, I always have gas in it and have no tolerance for strange lights, pinging, sounds. (((cheap car repair vibes going your way)))!


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